Personal note from a fellow survivor: 

This meditation does not specifically target trauma and so can be a wonderful and hopefully trigger-free resource that can be used by anyone. So often, betrayal and toxic events in our lives can lead to questioning our own worthiness, can lead to feelings of confusion, shame, and/or guilt. Lisa Nichols’ guided meditation encourages you to try and let go of those feelings weighing you down, even if just for the duration of the session. 

These guided meditation tracks aren’t for everyone, but I encourage you to find a comfortable space with no distractions, maybe light some candles or some incense, stick on your headphones or play through some speakers, and really allow yourself to overcome any inhibitions and give yourself physically and mentally over to the meditation. It really can work!

At the time of writing, Nichols’ meditation is available for free on YouTube. Both her voice and the music are incredibly soothing, and even if you do not feel the full effect of the session, you will certainly come away feeling relaxed! 

Type of activity: Listen, Do

This resource may be particularly useful for: Not specific

We hope you find this resource helpful to you in your journey towards healing! 

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