What personal information do we collect and why?

Our forms are all submitted anonymously, unless you explicitly choose to share your information. Apart from this, there are several other circumstances in which you may provide us with your name and email address. For example, if you email us or register for a support group.


What do we do with your personal information, and how long do we store it for?

The only people with whom we share your information (e.g. your name) without explicitly seeking your consent first, are the professional facilitators of our support groups. Otherwise, we will always contact you via email first, if circumstances arise, in which we are requested to share your information. We will not share your information without your consent. If we only have your name, and not your email address, it will never be shared with a third party*.

We promise to delete everyone’s personal info (i.e. name and email address) at the end of the academic year unless you wish to remain on our mailing list, or communicate to us that we should retain your contact details for another reason

*If you add your name to a Healing Collections recommendations: we will not delete it from the response form in our back end, as a) we cannot know whether it is a pseudonym or your actual name and b) if you add your name to that form we assume that you would like it published with the recommendation. Because of this, the name provided does not hold the same status of private as in the other instances outlined above, as information as it will be accessible to all on our website.

How is your information stored, and who has access to it?

Contact details of group participants are stored in our private Notion account. Only the president and the group’s specific facilitators/coordinators have access to this content.