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Personal note from a fellow survivor: 

I’ve always been one to ‘wallow’ with the music I choose, so I tend to opt for lyrics that are maybe slightly more ‘raw’ or feel a bit too ‘real.’ Sometimes it’s ‘lyric’ singular and you might see how in these songs I’ve picked out and latched on to one or two phrases. It is my hope however that if these songs helped me to heal, they might also help someone else.

It’s a very mixed bunch: never did I expect to find much-needed comfort in Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds(!) but perhaps you’ll see why that song gave me some strength in a difficult time.

– Matthew 

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A content warning comes with this list, as some of the song lyrics touch upon sexual transactions, mental illness, and one song in particular refers to EDs (Hunger).

We hope you find this resource helpful to you in your journey towards healing!

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