(can be bought at Boots for ca. £22) 

Personal note from a fellow survivor:  

I love using the mooncup, not only because it is more environmentally friendly, long-term cost saving and super practical, but because it has helped me reconnect with my body – especially a part of my body which is highly connected with sexuality and which is particular laden with complex emotions following sexual assault.

For me, using the menstrual cup – which is a more ‘hands on’ than tampons or pads – has transformed my perception of periods from something which was ‘gross’ and ‘dirty’ to a natural process which no longer feels unclean. This is important because sex is also something that, for me, has felt ‘unclean’, specifically because of the bodily fluids involved, and the experience of sexual assault initially left me feeling very dirty and tainted. The mooncup (aka menstrual cup) gave me a way to re-establish a positive relationship with that part of my body, by myself, in a way that didn’t need to involve sex or sexuality/arousal, or another person. It was a way into addressing complex emotions around sex without having to approach them head-on.

The transformation of my perception of menstrual blood as something that is natural and not ‘gross’, has helped me understand sex and bodily fluids that involves differently, and has enabled me to build a much more accepting and knowledgeable relationship with my own body.

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This resource may be particularly useful for: survivors who menstruate, Womxn survivors

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