Welcome to the Look/Watch section of the Healing Collections! The Healing Collections is a collaborative collection of recommendations made by our community of survivors of sexual violence of St Andrews. It is comprised of things – books, podcast, TV shows, art etc. – which have personally helped us on our journeys towards healing. We hope that they will help you too! If you would like to recommend a resource yourself, please submit your recommendation at Contribute to our healing collections!  

We have tried to make it easier for you to find resources which are particularly suited to your intersectional identity, which may have had an impact on your experience of sexual violence. Each post is ‘tagged with the identities the recommender felt the resource would be most useful for. Of course all resources are open to everyone! We apologise if there aren’t any or many posts under some of the tags yet. Check back another time – hopefully someone will have contributed a resource that is helpful to you.

(Currently tags are visible at the bottom of each post when you click on it. We are still working on the search function that will make finding the right resources easier!)

Normal People

Normal People showed sex could be intimate and personal, that there was no need to be afraid of revealing your vulnerabilities because people will love you no matter what.

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