Thank you, wonderful survivor, for being here.

Through this form you can send us recommendations – such as books, movies, playlists, poetry collections, apps/websites etc. – that have helped you on your personal journey towards healing after experiencing sexual violence and assault. We will then post them on our website, so that other survivors from our extended St Andrean survivors community can find them, and hopefully benefit as well.

All submissions are anonymous unless you choose to provide a name below. If you do, we will assume you want that name published along with the recommendation.

The form must be filled out separately for each recommendation you wish to share. Your recommendation will be uploaded within 1 week of submission.

Thank you so much for your strength, solidarity, and compassion!

Sharing a Spotify playlist: Option 1) upload a screenshot of the songs in the playlist (including song name and artist) and upload the picture here. Option 2) go to the playlist, click 'share', 'copy link/copy to clipboard' and then paste the link above. Unfortunately, if you choose this method we will be able to see your Spotify username, meaning you might not be able to submit your recommendation fully anonymously. We will not share the playlist attached to your account, rather copy the songs and make create a new public playlist on our Spotify account. Out of time considerations we will only copy the first 25 songs of a playlist. We will not be able to share songs that are not on Spotify.
Please provide a ‘passcode’ to be connected to your recommendation. That way if you want to change or remove your recommendation, you can easily do so anonymously by completing our submission amendment/removal form and using this personal passcode to identify which recommendation is yours. That way no one else can interfere with your recommendation but you still have control.
Providing your name is entirely optional. If you provide it, we will assume you want it to be *published* alongside your recommendation. Please bare in mind that choosing to publish your name means a google search of your name might in future pull up your recommendation on The Healing Collective. If you change your mind, you can always ask for your name or the whole recommendation to be removed by submitting a request through the withdraw/amendment form (see the forms section in the menu), however bare in mind that once something is published on the internet it is out there, and we cannot guarantee that by removing it we will have fully scrubbed it from all corners of the web. Also remember that St Andrews is a small and highly interconnected community in which it can be difficult to maintain privacy. The only legal implication that we know that could apply is if undergoing a criminal trial or considering a future criminal case please be aware that as public information, your words, if identified, could be used as evidence in your case for the prosecution or the defence. If we publish your resource anonymously this does not apply.

Thank you for being a part of the Healing Collective! It means a lot.

Please fill this form out separately for each recommendation you would like to make. Find a list of explanations as to why we have chosen and worded the tags which we currently have here