Personal note from a fellow survivor: 

I LOVE this app. I used to think I needed a partner, or at least a second person, to be able to start exploring my sexuality again. I realised not too long ago, however, that this was utter rubbish! I don’t need to wait around for someone to empower me sexually, I can do that by myself and develop a much better knowledge of, and healthier relationship to, my body in the process, without having to worry about the feelings, needs and body of another person. Emjoy has really helped me in that process. As someone who experienced assault very early on in my sexual life, I still don’t know myself at all, really.

This app has everything from short educational podcasts on orgasms and orgasm anxiety to guided sessions on ‘accepting and exploring your body’. It has collections focused on trauma, pleasure, non-monogamous dating, communication, body image – you name it! Another highlight, is that it is erotic stories of varying degrees of sauciness (covering a range of sexual orientations).

It is paid (ca. 30£ a year) after a trial period of (I think) a month, but it’s one of the few apps I believe are worth their money.

Type of activity: All, Do

This resource may be particularly useful for: Womxn survivors, LGBT+/Queer survivors, Survivors who menstruate, Hetero-sexual survivors 

We hope you find this resource helpful to you in your journey towards healing! 

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