O School (website)

an amazing education resource (website) about sex, sexuality an relationships, mental health etc.

Bliss Club: Sex Tips for Creative Lovers by June Pla

it has helped me build confidence in my sexual self. It also reinforces the general truth that everyone is different and likes different things. This is important as a survivor I often feel a burden of being ‘different’ when it comes to sexual activities. Normalising this helps relieve that burden.

Trauma and Recovery by Judith Hermann

My therapist recommended this book to me. (…) It felt a little more removed from my direct experience, whilst at the same time teaching me a lot about trauma, which I found helpful.

All About Love – bell hooks

This book opened my eyes to the ways in which patriarchy shapes the way we relate to one another romantically, in non-romantic settings and sexually. It helped me articulate what is important to me in a relationship, what commitment, respect and communication look like to me.