Personal note from a fellow survivor: 

This app has helped me in two important ways:

  1. I have always had trouble falling asleep, but regular trauma-induced flashbacks or ‘catastrophising’ – as my therapist calls it (e.g. I’ll be going on a date the next day and think of all the possible ways my trauma might intrude like an uninvited third-wheel) – made sleep truly a challenge and a source of anxiety (which again leas to less chances of falling asleep). The sleep stories, calming music compilations, and sleep meditations featured on Calm have helped me develop sleeping strategies to improve my nightly rest, which is so important to mental health and general life functioning.
  2. Calm is also a meditation app. I wouldn’t say I have really used it to explore consciousness, rather to improve self-care, which it is very well set up to do. With the ‘daily calm’ (10 min self-care/mindfulness session) and my YoutTube yoga sessions, I now try to do 20 minutes of self-care every morning. I find it incredibly grounding and nurturing, especially during times when I feel very internally destabilised. It has helped me practice self-forgiveness, letting go, and made my inner voice much less critical of myself.

It is a paid app, but I think it is well worth its money. There is a free version, which has much more limited content and may be time-limited, but I’m not sure. 

– Davida 

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We hope you find this resource helpful to you in your journey towards healing! <3 

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