Bliss Club: Sex Tips for Creative Lovers by June Pla

Personal note from a fellow survivor: 

 A friend of mine, who is not a survivor herself but knows about my history, gave me this book. My sexual assaults happened very early on in my sexual life and caused me to withdraw from much sexual activity for years. As a result, I had very little self-confidence in as well as knowledge of my sexual self and also doubted my skills in giving pleasure to my partner, when I started dating again.

This book is very visual (drawings), and the language and tone is humorous and easily digestible. Whilst a little overwhelming at times (just because of the sheer rage of techniques proposed) it has helped me build confidence in my sexual self. It also reinforces the general truth that everyone is different and likes different things. This is important as a survivor I often feel a burden of being ‘different’ when it comes to sexual activities. Normalising this helps relieve that burden.

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