Playlist- Matthew’s Songs that Helped Me Heal

I’ve always been one to ‘wallow’ with the music I choose, so I tend to opt for lyrics that are maybe slightly more ‘raw’ or feel a bit too ‘real.’ It is my hope however that if these songs helped me to heal, they might also help someone else.

#2- Empathy for Who I Was

Once I recognised the person of those hours as the hurt and confused and scared person they were, I could acknowledge the hurt and confused and scared person I had continued to be since. Learning to have empathy for myself has been the most important step in my healing process.

Discovering Your Worthiness – Guided Meditation

This meditation does not specifically target trauma and so can be a wonderful and hopefully trigger-free resource that can be used by anyone. Lisa Nichols’ guided meditation encourages you to try and let go of those feelings weighing you down…

Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress

This and similar yoga videos inspired me to take care of my body and mental health and connect my mind to my body when I felt incredibly divorced from my physical form and control over my physical form.

Meditation for Healing Sexual Abuse/Trauma

This meditation allowed me to effectively hold my own hand through my experience of sexual assault. The experience had left me with a sense of shame and fear of my own fault, abandoning the self who was hurt in the process.

#1-Overcoming Denial

I didn’t talk to anyone about my assault for fifteen months. In fact, I don’t really think I even acknowledged it had happened myself until I finally spoke about it. I had tried to rationalise it, to retain some kind of control, so that on the surface nobody would know that anything had ever happened. Not even myself.

Trauma Queen Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Jimanekia Eborn, a Queer Media Consultant, Sex Educator and Sexual Assault and Trauma Expert. Listening to it helped me realise that I’m not alone in my experiences

Normal People

Normal People showed sex could be intimate and personal, that there was no need to be afraid of revealing your vulnerabilities because people will love you no matter what.

Mooncup- menstrual cup

I love using the mooncup because it has helped me reconnect with my body – especially a part of my body which is highly connected with sexuality and which is particular laden with complex emotions following sexual assault.