Hello! If you would like to share your aftermath story, we are here to listen. Your emotions are always valid, and you deserve to be heard if you wish it. We just ask that you please read the entirety of this text before you share your story.

You’re story will be posted anonymously, within 1 week of submission. 

#07/11/21 Technical Error – We apologise deeply if you submitted a story via the file upload function (now removed) and it was not posted. We only recently became aware of the fact that forms submitted using file uploader do not always reach our inbox. If this has affected you, again we are sorry and encourage you to submit again via the text box.  


Aftermath Stories is a space for you to share your experience of coping with and healing from the pain caused by sexual assault and sexual violence more broadly. It is a space for you to explore and express how the trauma that often ensues from experiences of sexual violence may have changed and impacted your life.

We are asking you, however, not to use this space to relive the traumatic event itself. Reading graphic stories of sexual violence can be hugely retraumatizing for other survivors and even for the survivor who is sharing their own experience. We want to make this space as safe as possible for ALL survivors and use our collective experiences of trauma and our learned processes of healing to foster compassion, empowerment, and solidarity.

If you would like to share details of your assault, you are able to do so through St Andrews Survivors on Instagram. (Please look out for your own wellbeing and know that for some survivors, both reading and recounting these stories can be highly upsetting or triggering.) 


We know that sharing your aftermath story is hard. Not only is it emotional, but you might be worried about any legal and social consequences. To help you feel and be more safe, we have written some guidelines to protect both you and us from any unwanted legal and social consequences.

  • Please submit anonymously.
  • Please refrain from naming the perpetrator. In the event that the perpetrator is named, however, you should know that we would be legally obliged to report this person to Crime Stoppers. We will only provide that person’s name, not yours (even if you were to give it to us – which please don’t!), nor ours.
  • In the event that you describe the perpetrator, please only use one vague identifier. For example, a statement like “they wore red shoes” is perfectly acceptable but no other identifying statements should be added. This is to prevent any chance of revealing the perpetrator’s identity publicly. This is not to protect the perpetrator; it is to protect you from being sued for libel or from your identity being revealed, which could lead to unwanted social consequences in the small town that is St Andrews.
  • If you are planning on taking your experience to court or preparing to file a police report, take care in posting your story. Certain statements you issue here can be used against you directly in court and of course, we don’t want that for you.

We really don’t want to change any of your words, but if you do not stick to these guidelines or if you share graphic content of your assault, we reserve the right to edit or to withhold from publishing your submission. If you would like to amend or withdraw your submission yourself, you can do so at any point through our submissions amendment/withdrawal form, to be found in the ‘forms’ section of the website. 

Aftermath Story Submission Form

Please provide a ‘passcode’ to be connected to your recommendation. That way if you want to change or remove your recommendation, you can easily do so anonymously by completing our submission amendment/removal form and using this personal passcode to identify which recommendation is yours. That way no one else can interfere with your recommendation but you still have control.

Thank you for being a part of the Healing Collective! It means a lot.

To better understand why we have chosen and  worded certain tags, and our process for changing/updating these, please refer to this document here