aftermath stories

What is an aftermath story?

Aftermath Stories is a space for survivors to share their experience of coping with and healing from the pain caused by negative sexual experiences. 

We ask survivors not to use this space to relive the event itself, as this can be re-traumatising to other survivors as well as to the survivors who is sharing their own experience.

We want to make this space as safe as possible and use our collective experiences of trauma and our learned processes of healing to foster compassion, empowerment, and solidarity.

#4 – Learning to Fly

When I was seventeen, I was sexually assaulted. I told no one until I was nineteen. I can still count on my fingers the people who know. Or rather, the people that I told. My story was shared without my consent, and my side has never been heard save for those designated a finger.

#3- Charting 3 years of healing and acceptance

My healing journey has not been like climbing a mountain, but more like traversing a mountain range. New challenges regularly present themselves, old ones are overcome but may periodically resurface. I am nowhere near the end – if there is one – of my healing. Nonetheless, I have come far in building a loving and forgiving relationship to myself.

#2- Empathy for Who I Was

Once I recognised the person of those hours as the hurt and confused and scared person they were, I could acknowledge the hurt and confused and scared person I had continued to be since. Learning to have empathy for myself has been the most important step in my healing process.

#1-Overcoming Denial

I didn’t talk to anyone about my assault for fifteen months. In fact, I don’t really think I even acknowledged it had happened myself until I finally spoke about it. I had tried to rationalise it, to retain some kind of control, so that on the surface nobody would know that anything had ever happened. Not even myself.