The Healing Collective is a community-focused, survivor-led initiative based in St Andrews.

Our mission is to foster a community and nurture solidarity, healing and compassion amongst the survivors of sexual violence of St Andrews.

Our Community and our work

Whether your experience occured at St Andrews or not, whether you are a student, staff member, alumni, or resident – if you are a survivor and feel strongly connected to St Andrews, you have a home here. 

We offer you:

  • Support and Psychoeducation Groups: a space to foster mutually supportive relationships and healthy self-relationships, which help us grow and heal, together. 
  • Aftermath Stories: a place to share our stories of living with the aftermath of sexual violence and our journeys towards healing. 
  • Healing Collections: a collection of personally recommended resources which have helped survivors from our community in their healing. 
  • Resources: a place to equip ourselves with the knowledge and resources to help ourselves heal.  
Our values & Constitution


We strive to be:


For survivors by survivors

  • We are collaborative: providing spaces for survivors to share resources, stories and lend each other support.   
  • We aim to remain survivor-led, and commit to creating regular opportunities for survivors to involve themselves in decision-making processes.



  • You can submit stories and resources anonymously.
  • Any personal information given to us will be handled securely and respectfully. (policy)
  • We will always note any potential legal implications in our submission forms, so that you are informed.
  • Submissions which the survivor has indicated could be triggering, will contain trigger warnings. 



  • Any survivor connected to St Andrews, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, faith and ability is encouraged to share through this platform.
  • Non-students such as staff or townsfolk, as well as graduates, are just as welcome as current students.
  • We will do our best to be a representative team and to be a pro-actively anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-sexist, and anti-ageist platform. We are still learning so tips and feedback are greatly appreciated! (feedback).



  • We commit to explaining important decisions we have made, as well as our internal procedures, especially concerning submissions by fellow survivors.



  • We are attentive to feedback and are keen to learn from our mistakes! (feedback)
Our story

The Healing Collective was officially launched in October 2020 by a graduate and survivor of sexual violence experienced in St Andrews, and a team of current undergraduate students. 


A short word from our founder: 

I realised how unique and important the solidarity, compassion and support which I had received from my survivor-friends had been, and continues to be, for my growth and healing. I decided I wanted to enable as many survivors to experience that support as possible, and so the idea for ‘The Healing Collective’ emerged.

I gathered a team of wonderful people and we were able to make my dream a reality. I am so grateful to all of my Committee members, past and present, for making the Healing Collective possible and to all the survivors who have taken up our invitation to continue our journeys towards healing and acceptance, together. 

At the source of this project is a lot of pain – your pain, my pain, our collective pain. But together we have been able to build something beautiful for ourselves and for each other. Together, we will not just survive, but thrive.”


Read our founder’s Aftermath Story here: ‘charting 3 years of healing and acceptance’

Our status:

 We are independent of the University of St Andrews and the Student’s Association (the Union). We are happy to engage with the University, the Students Association and all relevant actors to increase support for the survivors of our community. 

Funded by:

Corra Foundation – #ShiftThePower Scotland Comic Relief Fund